Reefer Truckload

Refrigerated cargo firms are looking for ways to match demand in a much more nimble manner as people eat more meals at home, pick local products, and buy perishable things online. To do so, they’ll need to make decisions in real-time while having access to intelligent data on the go. To put it another way, you need the help of a logistics partner who can streamline operations, integrate people, processes, and data, and provide unprecedented insight.

We have the flexibility to supply you with exactly what you need, whether it’s a simple stand-alone product like cold storage, a complicated solution spanning land and sea, or an integrated carrier-neutral management service.

Our handlers recognise the importance of treating your commodity with the utmost care. That’s why we go to great lengths to keep your valuable goods safe from elements such as changing temperatures, dust, rain, and snow.

Dry van truckload

Clients have used Transamerica’s dry van truckload services to deliver everything from pallets to boxes of product safely and quickly. Dry vans are a versatile mode of transportation that can transport anything from apparel, electronics, and shelf-stable canned products to manufacturing materials, automotive parts, health and beauty supplies, and a wide range of other consumer items. Because of its enclosed structure, this haul truck is a good choice for high-value cargoes that need to be protected from the elements, shipping damage, and theft. Custom pick-up and delivery for large orders are part of our transportation services.

We are one of the first platforms to offer instant quotes for Dry van services, as pioneers in the field of digital logistics. We’ll help you streamline your distribution and logistics operations with real-time pricing and quick transit options, including next-day pick-up. Being the top truckload company in (name of the company’s location), we are the Dry van transport provider that best meets your demands at the most affordable price.

Benefits of Transamerica Services

We have a team of seasoned professionals who work together to provide the greatest levels of trust and teamwork to our customers. All of your delivery needs, including Reefer truckload and Dry Van truckload services, may be met by Transamerica. To aid in the development of long-term relationships with our customers, we provide real-time tracking for all shipments, making it simple to maintain track of the cargo and be informed about any urgent difficulties. We also offer a dedicated customer service staff to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Flexible Contracts: We provide contracts adapted to our customers’ needs, such as same-day spot contracts, next-day spot contracts, and forward contracts to lock in long-term freight prices.

Dynamic Rate Matching: We provide highly competitive rates, as well as exchange, works at the cluster level for optimum truck matching and improved asset utilisation of partner vehicles, ensuring the allocation of high-quality cars at lower rates.

Service that is unmatched in the industry: To assure the safety of the shipment, we use verified cars and drivers. Transamerica promises a “zero-damage and loss” policy, as well as on-time truck placements, dispatches, and deliveries.

Technology-enhanced service and support: We have a specialised “Control Tower” operation that tracks all GPS and non-GPS enabled trucks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Apart from that, Transamerica provides a dedicated customer service that responds to client inquiries by SMS, email, and web-based alert systems throughout the day.

24/7 services: We provide round-the-clock services, including automatic LR creation, fast e-POD delivery, trucking partner management, and end-to-end supply chain consultancy and management, to ensure we can provide the best services to our customers.